An engineering manager with a strong engineering and operations background, I have been on both sides of the dev and ops worlds both as an engineer and as a manager. I’m a versatile engineer with a knack for picking up new technologies on the fly. I am currently in my second official role as an engineering manager, and believe in growing resilient teams. I have worked on, and led teams across huge variety of technologies, from mobile to web to servers. It is my core belief that strong fundamentals allow anyone to pick up new technologies rapidly.


Jan 2019 – Now

PayPal Pte Ltd

Aug 2020 – Now
Manager, Software Development, Consumer In-Store and Digital Commerce
  • Lead Latency Optimization and DevOps teams
  • Planned strategic roadmap for DevOps team
  • Mentored and guided DevOps engineers, who were previously Java engineers
  • Worked with product, program management and design to ensure that teams were aligned for Latency Optimization
  • Led team to deliver solutions that improved customer experiences
  • Conceptualized, planned and executed a 15% latency gain from the mobile apps to the backend APIs
Jan 2019 – Jul 2020
Manager, Software Development, Compliance
  • Strategized and led execution of internal client migration to new platform
  • Managed and executed on replatforming project, delivering project on schedule
  • Managed and led execution on 2nd phase of replatforming project, delivering an increase developer effectiveness and reduced the surface area for mistakes
  • Led and drove execution of PayPal Singapore’s first open house
  • Formed speaker pool in PayPal Singapore
Dec 2016 – Dec 2018

Singapore Power Ltd

DevOps Lead
  • Lead and manage the DevOps team in the role of DevOps lead
  • Push for processes to be codified and automated through a docker based Jenkins for auditability and repeatability
  • Set up common infra across the company, including a central log server
  • Part of a major DC Relocation project, serving on the command center
  • Temporary 3-month stint as Android Lead to push a delayed android project to production
  • Sits on SP’s security council, providing feedback from a DevOps and Infra point of view
  • Modernized the traditional infra team with new tools and processes
Apr 2016 – Oct 2016

Nugit Pte Ltd

Senior Engineer
  • Lead the infrastructure team
  • Planned and executed upgrades on outdated database systems
  • Introduced Salt Stack to codify server setup and automate app deployments
  • Set up central monitoring and logging platform to improve visibility to the engineers
  • Monitored and optimized slow database queries through data restructuring and indexing, increasing performance by more than 10x
  • Set up company network
Mar 2014 – Mar 2016

PayPal Pte Ltd

Software Engineer
  • Delivered functionality on the legacy C and Java stacks to support business needs
  • Built and maintained a bug dashboard to make bug reporting more transparent
  • Worked on both PayPal’s Android and iOS applications, including building infrastructure UI components for the Android App
  • Developed NFC capability in Payments and Card Reading
  • Core Team of internal automation framework based on Capybara
  • Maintained internal gem proxy
  • Lead and drove the outreach initiatives to build branding within developer circles
  • Grew the outreach team from 3 to 15 volunteers
May 2013 – Feb 2014

Billpin Pte Ltd

Software Engineer
  • Led the integration of the database of a startup acquired by the company
  • Rewrote architecture of the backend to reduce load on users’ devices and paving the way to support more features, including other currencies
  • Identified key business metrics and build dashboard to visualize them
  • Optimized load times by more than 20x on query intensive pages
  • Managed all the servers with Salt Stack


Aug 2009 – May 2013

National University of Singapore

Bachelor of Computing In Computer Science
  • Focused on Distributed System and Security
  • Notable modules taken includes Distributed Systems offered at the Masters Level, and Software Engineering on Evolving Platforms
  • Coreteam member of NUSHackers from Aug 2010 – Sept 2012, driving the spread of hacker culture within the school
  • Had a taste of liberal arts as part of Tembusu College
  • Graduated with Second (Lower) Class Honors.

Side Projects

Apr 2020 – Now

Project Stable Staples

Founding Team Member
  • Launched site in under a day to ensure that we hit the ground running
  • Automated logistical overhead with technology
  • Managed social media collaterals and marketing campaign
  • Raised >S$160k to support 600+ families in times of income loss during circuit breaker
  • Recieved People of Good award from the President of Singapore

Nov 2014 – Now


Core Team Member
  • Run programs in partnership with Community Development Councils in Singapore targeted at Youth at Risk
  • Inspire youths by giving them confidence and a sense of purpose through the acquiring of skills
  • Engaged training partners to run workshops including robotics and web design

Jul 2011 – Nov 2014


Lead Organizer
  • Organized GeekcampSG, then one of the largest tech conferences in Singapore
  • Grew the community from 200 geeks in 2011 to 1500 attendees in 2013
  • Invited Dr Vivian Balakrishnan for a keynote in 2014