An engineering leader with a passion for solving social problems, I get in the weeds to handle all kinds of problems.


  • President’s Volunteerism and Philanthropy Awards People of Good 2020 (Link)
  • NUS Computing Outstanding Young Alumni (Link)
  • NUS Outstanding Young Alumni 2021 (Link)
  • Voice of Loving Kindness @ SKM (Link)

I’m currently a Site Leader for the Server Architecture org in TikTok, and run the eSRE function in TikTok Singapore.

In my time outside of work, I do both on the ground work to support communities at risk (IAmTalentedSG, Project Stable Staples[closed]), as well as philanthropic work (Lai Yu Hua Bursary) that sees me taking an active approach in working with the recipients of the support.

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NUS Computing Outstanding Young Alumni Award

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SKM Voice of Loving Kindness

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In my personal time, I am a core member of various social empowerment initiatives that aim to uplift youths in communities at risk. Since 2014, I have been a part of the IAmTalentedSG team, with a focus on improving operational efficiency with technology, as well as being the photographer for the event.

During COVID-19, I was also part of the founding team for Project Stable Staples. During the critical period, we managed to raised over SGD160k to support 600 families living in rental communities in Singapore. As a recognition for the impact this group made, I was awarded the NVPC PVPA People of Good by President Halimah Yacob. After the worst of COVID was over, I continued running Project Stable Staples with a smaller group of volunteers to serve as a quick response fund for families in transition, until a time when we assessed that the rest of the social infrastructure was ready to pick up the work we had done.


I have had a diverse experience across software engineering, from data center management to mobile application development.

Currently, I’ve taken on the role of an engineering leader, but I’ve also demonstrated the competency to get my hands dirty when the need arises. I focus more on people management professionally these days, while keeping my technical skills updated through personal side projects, be it for my own work, or for the social initiatives I participate in.