Laurence Putra Franslay

President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Awards Winner

NUS Outstanding Young Alumni

Engineering Manager, Consumer In-Store and Digital Commerce at PayPal

Core Team, IAmTalentedSG

Founding Team, Project Stable Staples

What do i do?

I’m currently an engineering manager at PayPal Singapore. At work, I manage 2 teams of engineers to deliver solutions that add value to our customers, while at the same time identifying operational gaps within the team to fill with code.

Outside of work, I run social empowerment programmes with a group of like minded peers and try to solve challenges we see in the community. We run IAmTalented annually with Central CDC. On occasion, we also spin up initiatives to solve specific challenges, such as Project Stable Staples for the sudden loss of part time income due to circuit breaker.

When not doing any of the above, I can be found trying to take better photos with my RX100V.

Check out my engineering origin story here.


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With a background as a rather versatile engineer, I have had experience across the entire stack, from data center management all the way to mobile application development. I have a keen interest in distributed systems and security, and regularly participate in CTFs organised by the company.

Currently I have transitioned to an engineering manager role, but I pride myself on having the ability to dig into code, while at the same time knowing when to afford my engineers the space to do their work. These days I focus mainly on people management for work, while keeping my technical skills up to date through developing solutions to improve operational efficiency in the various social initiatives I participate in.



In my personal time, I am a core team member of various social empowerment initiatives that aim to uplift communities at risk, and look out for their well being. Since 2014, I have been a part of the IAmTalentedSG team, with a focus on improving operational efficiency using technology, and using my photography skills for the event.

During the most recent COVID-19 circuit breaker in Singapore, I was also a part of the founding team for Project Stable Staples. Again, I used my technical expertise and got the team up and running to collect donations within a few days, and explored various technical solutions for donor engagement and management. I also helped drive the team’s PR efforts in the final push to collect additional funds in order to support the families that had reached out to us. All in all, we managed to raise >SGD160k to support over 600 families living in rental communities in Singapore.

As a recognition of the work myself and the rest of the team has done, I was awarded the NVPC PVPA People of Good award by President Halimah Yacob.


In my free time, I attempt to become a better photographer, and learn how to use my camera better. As I progress as a photographer, I’m starting to find myself going back to smaller cameras that are easier to bring around, and provide me with more opportunities to use them. As I continue to hone this skill, I also use it to support the various social initiatives I am a part of as their de facto photographer.