Project Lionheart

A decade ago, if you told me my face would be printed and displayed in the heartlands, I’d probably be saying you’re crazy.

But today here it is, somehow mine and David Hoe‘s story with Project Stable Staples and iatSG is going for a tour around the country. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the work that we do is not possible without the help of the many people around us who chip in in their little ways. And we are able to do what we do because the community around us stand up and be counted when it matters (for the record, this is when babies are gonna run out of milk powder).

As the last of the COVID restrictions fall away into history, let us never forget to look out for our fellow men (and women), and let us continue to march on as a nation. The only way out of this next crisis (economic, after chicken and covid) is by displaying the cockroach and never stay die spirit our pioneer generation used to embody.

Thanks again Project Lionheart for featuring our stories!

We will look out for someone we don’t know. Will you?


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