SKM Voice of Loving Kindness

Received the recognition as a Voice of Loving Kindness from Singapore Kindness Movement, with a subsequent article on The Pride.

“Kindness doesn’t have to be extravagant.” – Dr. William Wan

The truth is, I was never a very good student growing up, and never saw the point of giving back. I used to be that kid who would find ways to get out of CIP, and the only reason for giving back was because the system required it to get into good schools. A decade (or maybe even more) ago, I met David Hoe, and much as we talk about IAT igniting the spark for learning in the kids we serve, he ignited the spark in me for giving back to society. He introduced me to Melvin Tay (who was a secondary school classmate), Maurice Goh and Nurfadhilla Kamarul, and we’ve been on a decade long run of filling gaps we see along the way.

The Voice of Loving Kindness (VoLK) recognition from Singapore Kindness Movement on Kindness Day SG on Friday is not mine alone. It really serves to recognize the folks who ignited this spark in me. As I said to Zaobao, getting this (and previous awards) is not a goal in itself, nor is it something to be proud of. It is an affirmation that we are heading down the right path, and that we need to do more.

As Singapore exits COVID into a chicken shortage, let’s all be kind, be caring, and we will get through this next challenge together!


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